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Does Electricity Affect Plant Growth

Electricity's Affect on Plants

My 2014 Science Fair. Electricity flows from minus (or ground) to plus, not from plus to minus as shown in the animation! Sorry about the technicality!


Magnetic Plant Growth Experiment

Plant growth can be affected by many different factors. This experiment is designed to see if changing the magnetic field can affect the growth of a Dieffenbach


Magnetic Effect on Plants

Experiments show that strong magnets have effect in plant and bean growth. 1.5 Tesla magnet is used to stimulate the germination of seed and growth of the ...


Part 3 The Effect of Music and Vibration on Plant Growth

Part 3. This is a Science project done by my daughter. The effect of music on plants but she decided to add another element, Vibration. She planted three groups


Talking Plants Mini-Myth

Do plants grow better with sweet talk and classical music? Maybe yelling and constant heavy metal music does the trick. Stream Full Episodes: ...


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and AC Electric Field Effects on Plants

A discussion about how electromagnetic fields can affect plant growth, turning them into "Frankenstein" plants. The effect probably occurs at some level in the

YouTube Accelerating Plant Growth Using Electricity For The Sunflower+ Project StL

Learn more here: presents it's ...



Proof that quantum energy can liberate the planet. One time exposure to seeds before planting resulted in a huge growth difference.


Wireless Radiation and DC Voltage Exposure Effects on Plants and Humans

During researching Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) plant deformities in wireless radiation fields from cell phone towers and utility AMR/AMI transmitting meters, ...


Plant Talk: Does talking to your plants help them grow?

Does talking to your plants really make them grow? SUBSCRIBE: Some gardeners swear that talking to your plants and being nice to them ...


The effect of soft drink on plant growth - Science Experiment

In this video im testing the effect of soft drink on plant growth over 14 days with fanta, soda water & water.


Feeding plants with different liquids

You could use this for a science project.